We’re Family Taking Care of Family

We are a 501 C (3) organization for further information please contact us.

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Why We Are Different

OATH is going to be more proactive rather than reactive. We will form teams of three or more to comb the streets, gutters, alley’s and anywhere else our potential members maybe. Please see Business Plan for more details



Please contact us then write volunteer on the subject and add to the notes if you have any special talents that we need to be aware of.

Helping Your children

The only help OATH can give at this time is information from outside sources. Right now, we are building our foundation so as to not fail anyone in the future. 

Helping Your Family

 Once our foundation is solid OATH will do its best to help you have that safe, secure and stable home that maybe just out of your reach.

No Soldier Left Behind

At this time OATH is unable to fulfill this task. Please contact us and choose the preferred drop down just above the notes.

Helping Your Spouse

At this time OATH is unable to fulfill this task. Please contact us and choose the preferred drop down just above the notes.

“We’re Family Taking Care of Family”


OATH’s goal is to teach or assist qualified veterans and immediate family members on how to do a proper job search, to fill out an application correctly, to write a resume, to dress for success, and to have a great interview to land the perfect job.


OATH would also like to assist qualified veterans and family members in choosing quality and attainable educational goals, help them find those elusive funds, and help them through the process.


OATH will also assist qualified veterans and family members with finding affordable homes that have the potential of becoming their own.

Take A Look At What We’ve Done For Our Veterans!


We will provide stable, secure, and clean housing with access to work and life skills training for all participants.  Our goal is to become a full rehabilitation facility.


 OATH’s purpose is to reach out to and assist all Service Members and their families who are homeless or struggling to make it financially. Our goal is to reach as many Service Members as we possibly can.

 In honor of Service Members that have passed we would like to reach out to the families of the fallen. Each veteran and family must meet specific criteria for our program and in doing so the Board of Directors will handle each person(s) on a case by case basis.

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